• Cam Chain Tensioners & more

VTR1000F Firestorm / Superhawk parts & accessories

Besides the Krieger manual tensioners we are able to supply other parts for your motorcycle as well.

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* Healtech gearindicator GPX-H01 kit , various ledcolors

* Healtech Speedohealer calibration kit SHv4.0 / H01

* Healtech Brakelight Pro BLP-U01

* Healtech Quickshifter QSH-PT2 / QSE-1

* Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreens Clear, Lt. smoke or Dark smoke 16-441-XX

* BMC airfilters sport or race FM144/04 or FM144/04race

* Barnett heavy duty clutch kit

* EXH mudguards, belly pans, rear huggers, racefairing parts in fibreglass and carbon