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VTR1000F Firestorm / Superhawk parts & accessories

Besides the Krieger manual tensioners we are able to supply other parts for your motorcycle as well.

This might be interesting when ordering tensioner(s) as we can ship up to 2 kgs for the same shippingprice as mentioned on the
cct price page and above 2 kgs there will only be a slight increase of costs.
Interested ? Use the
to send a request or have a look on my EBAY website.

* Healtech gearindicator GPX-H01 kit , various ledcolors

* Healtech Speedohealer calibration kit SHv4.0 / H01 

* Healtech Brakelight Pro BLP-U01

* Healtech Quickshifter QSH-PT2 / QSE-1

* Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreens Clear, Lt. smoke or Dark smoke 16-441-XX

* BMC airfilters sport or race FM144/04 or FM144/04race

* Barnett heavy duty clutch kit

* EXH mudguards, belly pans, rear huggers, racefairing parts in fibreglass and carbon