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Technical info

Here some pictures taken from a Honda VTR 1000 firestorm, due to standard tensioner failure
the tension on the camchain was reduced, the chain "jumped" with severe damage on both
exhaust valves as a result.

The use of KRIEGER cam chain tensioners will, if properly installed, avoid this damage.
Normally a check once a year or every 22.000 km will be sufficiënt to keep the tension ok

NOTE: The price of a KRIEGER manual tensioner is far below the cost of repair of the engine
in case of standard tensioner failure.

High quality materials are used for the tensioners, and they are produced on cnc machinery.
With your order you will receive full detailed instruction and the proper OEM gasket.

Below some of the models produced by KRIEGER and available.
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CBR600F3-F4                         VTR 1000 F                       KLX 250/300